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The Continuing and Professional Development Unit within DELO is comprised of two distinct work areas: Career and Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning supported by a common administrative staff located in the Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green, KY.

Career and Workforce Development (CWD) team members focus on meeting the needs of each employee, whether those needs are an individual class or a certificate program covering multiple skills and competencies. This is accomplished by providing training in communication skills, team building, supervision, and other skill areas.

The Lifelong Learning (LL) staff members are committed to providing the community with learning opportunities for every age group and in a variety of interest areas. LL partners with university departments and outside organizations to provide fun and enriching educational programs throughout the year. As a unit within DELO, LL is uniquely positioned to support academic departments in offering outstanding and innovative programs that showcase the expertise of WKU faculty and staff members.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. (And sign up with Study Away)

The Southern Kentucky Choral Society and WKU Chorale  spend four days in New York, culminating in a performance at Carnegie Hall on Monday, June 14. Led by Dr. Paul Hondorp, the group performed Mozart’s Requiem, with a renowned guest conductor, the professional New … Continue reading

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Cuba in the News

Cuba is in the news and WKU friends and family are invited to join us for Havana Passage:  A Photographic Workshop. January 2017 will find a limited group of adventurers in Cuba with two internationally recognized photographers leading a workshop in … Continue reading

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NCES data on ‘non-traditional’ learners: DELO’s role in serving today’s learners

In DELO we are always looking for data to inform our work with students. We were especially excited to see a briefing from the NCES on information we already knew, today’s students are more diverse and less ‘traditional’ than ever! … Continue reading

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WKU Lifelong Learning Gearing Up For Summer

The summer of 2015 promises to be exciting as WKU Lifelong Learning staff prepare for several youth camps and unique adult programming. String Explosion! is celebrating its 10th year and offers a week of fun music making for new and … Continue reading

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WKU developing competency based education

Reading a blog this morning I came across this quote by Vernon Smith, an attendee of the WCET Data Boot Camp: “Innovation meets a need in a new way. Be prepared to fail. Then fail fast and move on.” Experts … Continue reading

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Allen County Training Consortium Recieves Blue Grass State Skills Grant for Training

PRESS RELEASE October 15, 2013 Allen County Training Consortium Receives Grant                 The Allen County Technological & Industrial Vocational Education Consortium, Inc. (“ACTIVE” Consortium), located in Scottsville, Kentucky, has received a $75,000 Bluegrass State Skills Grant from the Kentucky Economic … Continue reading

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Workforce Training Center and CPD Update

How fast another couple of weeks have gone by for CPD and the Workforce Training Center! The major development for the Workforce Training Center and CPD is that Allen County ACTIVE Consortium recieved official word from Blue Grass State Skills … Continue reading

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WKU Test Prep Program Gains Momentum

WKU’s Test Prep program is gaining momentum!  The ACT Summer Institute was a success and our fall programming is underway.  The first LSAT prep course has started to meet twice weekly and the fall ACT prep course began a six-week … Continue reading

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CPD/CWP/WTC 09/09-029/20/2013

It has been another very busy couple of weeks in Career and Workforce Development and the Workforce Training Center at WKU DELO! We started with attending the State of DELO address and were very encouraged by Dr. Laves presentation and … Continue reading

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