Get a great “Foundation” with new WKU ON Demand courses

WKU On Demand is very pleased to announce that we have added two exciting new, and newly redesigned classes Foundations courses to our catalog for Spring 2018:

MAT 109C (General Math), newly redesigned by Mr. Zachary Bettersworth, is a Math course for non-science majors, suggested for the student who has satisfactorily completed the minimum high school math requirements and needs no further work in algebra.

MAT 109C satisfies the Foundations Quantitative Reasoning requirement. Topics include sets, introduction to probability and statistics, geometry, and consumer mathematics. MAT 109C fulfills the D.2. (Mathematics) general education requirement here at WKU. The course will help the student to understand and apply mathematical skills and concepts. Students complete their work in MyMathLab and there are two proctored exams in the course.

Dr. Marko Dumancic has developed HIST 102 for WKU On Demand. HIST 102 (WORLD HISTORY SINCE 1500) satisfies the Foundations World History requirement. HIST 102 provides an introduction to the global past since 1500. It helps students to understand the diversity of and the connections between the world’s cultures and ideologies and to become acquainted with global political, social, and economic history. It uses readings, exams, and “history labs” to introduce students to major historical developments and consequences as well as key achievements, turning points and individuals impacting world history.

This course also encourages students to think analytically about how people have created and adapted societies and institutions in response to the challenges and opportunities that have confronted them. In addition to the essay and lab work required for this course, there are three proctored exams.

History 102 aims to prepare students for life by emphasizing: Critical thinking, informed citizenship, historical perspective, and social engagement.

Both of these courses are currently open and available for registration. If you know a student who may be interested, they can register for our self-paced, online courses anytime by phone (270-745-4158) or online ( Payment is required at the time of registration, and Financial Aid is accepted.


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