DELO Shines at OLC Accelerate Conference

Several members of WKU’s DELO team presented at the annual Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC) Accelerate convention on November 15. The OLC Accelerate convention is focused on “quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning for academic leaders, educators, administrators, online learning professionals and organizations around the world.”

DELO’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning’s Instructional Design Team members Juliana Ortolani and Andrew Swanson’s presentation, “Video in Teaching and Learning: Stay Ahead of the Curve” explored the impact that video has on a global scale, and how this information applies to teaching and learning, and the implementation best practices. Their presentation made the case for the importance of video in online classes, and why this medium specifically should not be ignored. Andrew and Juliana gave specific teaching and learning video examples displaying how to effectively engage students and meet learning outcomes. They also explored different video tools, both hardware and software, for creating engaging videos on a scalable level.

WKU Online’s Holly Young, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning’s Catie Yates, and WKU On Demand’s Donna Kasznel presented, “The C.A.R.E. Model: Reconstructing the Online Learning Experience through Individualized Student Success Coaching.” This session explored the various avenues through which the program builds relationships with students and guides them through their academic experience. As non-traditional learners continue to redefine higher education, it becomes increasingly important to provide digitally-accessible alternatives for instruction and student support. The session encouraged participants to consider the possibilities of administrative intervention in the form of student-centered success coaching.


OLC describes itself as ‘a collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators, dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences designed to reach and engage the modern learner’, and the thousands who attended the three-day conference benefited from a wide variety of innovative educational presentations and interactive sessions.

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