New Courses Offered through WKU On Demand

WKU On Demand’s unique, self-paced course structure allows us to add new courses to our catalog throughout the semester. We have recently added several exciting new, and newly redesigned classes:

CIT 458, Systems Analysis II, taught by Dr. Mark Revels, covers analysis and design of object-oriented systems. Dr. Revels teaches five other Computer Information Technology classes for WKU On Demand.



AGRI 108, Rural Sociology, is taught by Thomas Kingery.  In this course, students will learn about rural social groups and interaction in rural and suburban America as well as in rural areas of the world. Students will also learn the basic concepts of society and culture and the relationship of rural population, class, social institutions, and groups on rural social change.

PHIL 341, Plato and Aristotle, taught by Dr. Audrey Anton, is the study of primary texts to assess and compare the contributions of Plato and Aristotle and related figures to issues in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and political philosophy. This is the second philosophy course that Dr. Anton is teaching for WKU On Demand; her PHIL 102 course (the Good and the Beautiful) satisfies an Explorations requirement.


MGT 210, Organization and Management, is taught by Dr. Dana Cosby. This course includes both the theory and practical application of management. “Managing into today’s dynamic organizations presents opportunities for success. However, managers will also face the challenge of handling unique problems.” Dr. Cosby’s goal for the class is to help individuals prepare for this environment by focusing on and enhancing communication skills, ethical awareness, and global awareness.

PS 301, Methods of Political Inquiry, taught by Dr. Joel Turner, focuses on the research process, and the understanding and application of scientific research methods for the analysis of political behavior; it also utilizes theoretical and applied skills in research development and analysis using contemporary computer techniques.


Please check out these engaging new classes offered by WKU On Demand. We have more than 125 self-paced classes in more than 25 different subject areas, and as always, you can register for On Demand courses any day, any time, anywhere!

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3 Responses to New Courses Offered through WKU On Demand

  1. Sherry brummett says:

    What s the cost per class?

    • Donna Kasznel says:

      Hi Sherry – the tuition for an On Demand class is the same as WKU’s in-state, face-to-face tuition; for Fall 2017, the cost per credit is $425.

  2. Your article is so useful for us,thanks for sharing. Good stuff!

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