Summer Early Entry Helps Students Be Ready for First Year of College

College courses like English and math have minimum ACT requirement before students can enroll in them. When students’ ACT scores fall below the minimum, students can complete developmental courses to qualify them for enrollment in their required English and math courses. Summer Early Entry (SEE) allows students to complete developmental courses during the summer so they are fully prepared to take courses in the fall.

SEE is a 5-week program where students live on campus, meet with tutors and take developmental math and/or English courses, including Math 096 or Eng 055. They can also complete a university experience course (UCC 175) and Math 109 for credit. SEE students get to know WKU faculty and staff, as well as other students through social activities and events.

Developmental Courses are required for any student with ACT scores below 16 in English or below 20 in Math.

Developmental courses are important to preparing students for their English and math coursework. By taking them through Summer Early Entry, students have everything they need to successfully start coursework in the fall.

In addition to completing their developmental courses, students are introduced to resources they need to be successful college students, including hands-on support like tutoring, access to computer labs, programming and weekly meetings with peer mentors to help them meet Cornerstone requirements.

SEE students experience all aspects of college life and learn skills to help them effectively transition into college.

The program fee includes 6-7 hours of tuition, campus housing, meal plans, M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan and social activities/events.

Program dates are July 10-August 10, and applications are available online at Financial aid, housing and meal plans are also available. For more information, visit

Carlous Yates
Director of Student Support Programs

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