Meet Arthur Clemons – Focusing on a successful WKU On Demand post-traditional student

Arthur Clemons’ father kept Arthur’s 1970 high school graduation photo in his wallet until he died. Arthur was the only one of his children to graduate from high school – the first member of his family to do so, and he was so proud. Arthur enrolled in college after high school but left the University before he earned his degree when he got married and started a family.

Several decades later, Arthur made the decision to go back college and finally earn his degree in Criminology. He is currently enrolled in WKU’s JUMP program, which allows students to complete their Bachelor’s degree while concurrently working on their Master’s. As a post-traditional student, Arthur has found WKU On Demand’s self-paced classes invaluable and they have allowed him to push forward to reach his goals.

Arthur has succeeded because he has a very specific and disciplined approach to tackling his coursework. “FOCUS! I get on it and stay on it! This is not like going to face-to-face classes; I study 3 to 4 hours a day per course, I use flashcards as a study aid, and I work 5 days a week. I take one class at a time, and I put in the time. I test when the material is fresh in my mind because my memory isn’t as great as it was when I was 20! I enjoy learning, and as you get older, taking classes helps to keep you mentally sharp. I don’t want to know all about one thing; I want to know a little about everything.”

The result of this dedication is that Arthur is able to complete an On Demand class in a compressed time frame of 7 or 8 weeks, and then move on to the next one. “I tell myself, ‘I HAVE to get this done’ and I treat it like my job, because it is my job. My daughter-in-law used to ask me why I worked so hard, and I joked that having my degree would look good in my obituary. But, mostly, I do think that my parents would have been proud of me.”

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