Meet Damonte Lott, WKU On Demand Student

“Success is the journey, not the destination”

2016.06.10_ delo on demand _lewis-0039This quote by Arthur Ashe is one that Damonte Lott took inspiration from in his years as a WKU student. Lott, an On Demand student who graduated in May with an AB in Communications, grew up in a military family and lived all over the world before his family settled in Louisville. An avid traveler, Damonte could have chosen to go college anywhere, but he chose WKU because he loved the Bowling Green campus’ homey environment and felt a connection as soon as he visited WKU for the first time.

Damonte quickly threw himself into campus life, and became very active in many extra curricular activities here, from playing trumpet in the Marching Band, to singing in the gospel choir, and later as a mentor to incoming freshman.

As he progressed through his college career, Damonte realized that he enjoyed the challenge of learning online, and was really excited when he discovered WKU On Demand classes. “I compared them to the semester-based web classes, but I prefer the On Demand format because I liked being able to work at my own pace.”

Damonte acknowledges that self-paced classes present unique opportunities but come with significant challenges, too. “You have to treat it as if you are going to work, because you are. Non-completion was never an option for me.” 2016.06.10_ delo on demand _lewis-0030

In order to succeed, Damonte set up a schedule for himself, and made good use of a planner. When his schedule got busy in his other classes, he was able to work a little less in his On Demand classes. As soon as his other assignments were complete, his On Demand classes became the priority. He also recommends that students immediately contact their instructors, especially in On Demand classes. He took the extra step of meeting with his instructors, to get clarification on what was expected from him on specific projects, and stayed in touch with his teachers throughout the courses.

Damonte firmly believes that taking On Demand classes allowed him to achieve his goal of graduating within four years, and we are so proud that through On Demand, he was able to succeed.




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