Study Away and Faculty-Led Study Abroad Courses Head Out

flsa-delo-logo150Five study away and faculty-led study abroad courses begin next week.  The first leave Sunday, May 15, just  day after the 2016 Commencement.

wku study awayWe look forward to seeing message and images of these challenge courses and adventurous students in the coming weeks.

London-Paris-Brussels – Europe International Speech Pathology
Kimberly Green
Leisa Hutchison

North Carolina – Sports Admin. Facilities
Brad Stinnett
Evelyn Oregon

Morocco – Islam and Politics
Soleiman Kiasatpour

Czech Republic – Owensboro Sister Cities Summer
Roger Murphy
Erin Greunke

Kentucky – Kentucky Experience
Jennifer Walton-Hanley
Lindsey Reynolds
Linda Fitzpatrick

Twelve more courses head out over the Summer

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