How much do you REALLY know about WKU On Demand?

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How much do you really know about WKU On Demand?  From the time that WKU began offering these self-paced courses nearly 96 years ago, our courses have gone by several different names: “Extension” courses, “Correspondence” courses, “Independent Learning” courses, and most recently “On Demand” courses.

WKU is the only four year institution in the state of Kentucky that continues to offer self-paced, non-semester based courses. On Demand classes are for-credit courses, taught by WKU instructors. They are open to all WKU students: traditional on-campus students, post-traditional students, regional campus students, Distance Learning students, and even non-degree seeking students. Because the classes are not semester-based and because they are self-paced, students can register for a class any day of the year, complete a class in as little as 6 or 7 weeks, or they may take up to 9 months to complete the class.Welcome Back WKU 2 034

Students must pay for their On Demand classes at the time of registration. Tuition for On Demand classes is the same as in-state, face-to-face classes, and a Distance Learning fee is not charged. Students may use their Financial Aid to pay for On Demand classes, and some scholarships will cover the cost of On Demand classes. WKU employees may use their Tuition Waiver benefit at any time to pay for On Demand classes, so they aren’t limited to specific registration periods.

There are over 120 undergraduate courses and 22 graduate level courses currently offered through On Demand in subjects ranging from Art, Spanish, Business, and African American studies to Math, History, Psychology, and Sociology. Many of our courses satisfy general education requirements. Welcome back WKU 036

Self-paced “On Demand” courses have provided many students with educational opportunities that would have otherwise been out of their reach. Self-paced learning provides the best and most feasible alternative for students who are balancing work, family, rent, and/or mortgages as well as a host of other personal obligations. Many of our students are adult nontraditional learners and they are generally paying their own way; they are, more often than not, working full-time and caring for others, leaving little time to spare. Military students, student athletes, and students participating in Study Abroad also benefit from the flexibility of WKU On Demand’s courses. Self-paced distance learning is often their only option for advancement. “I love that I can continue my education while on deployment with WKU’s On Demand program,” stated student Daniel Collins, Jr.

The students enrolled in self-paced courses had proven themselves, according to the Board of Regents report on April 2, 1926. “These classes of students are made up of those who are ambitious and persevering. They have fully appreciated the advantages offered and the services extended.”

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    my name Faris Alqahtani, I’m graduate student looking to take a course in your school. the school will be self paced non-degree graduate graduate level (Human Resource management ) as online , if you do that’s course in your school, please let me know.. thank you.

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