Competency-based Education Is Gaining Ground

As evidenced by the front page of the Chronicle this week, competency-based education (CBE) is a hot topic.

WKU is a part of the Competency-Based Education Network (article sidebar) whose work centers on advocating for the effectiveness of quality CBE online higher education programs.  (This is through our work with the Kentucky Commonwealth College Consortium.)

Recently, Julie Uranis, director of WKU Distance Learning, and I participated in the CBExchange conference in Phoenix. Based on what we experienced, there are many more colleges and universities looking into CBE programs.  I say, the more the merrier! While the delivery method varies, the advantages of gaining a critical mass are great.

The Chronicle article brings grounding to the 40+ year idea of CBE. Focus now shifts from emphasis of the delivery method to the quality of learning for which we all strive.

CBE could be the defining catalyst to advance our technologies to a level that will bridge the gaps between administrative processes, teaching and learning — enabling students and faculty to connect with fewer barriers, more engagement.

Our society is as reliant on Internet access as water and electricity. Teaching and learning at a distance can take advantage of this and be about the interaction instead of the technology if infrastructures, students and faculty support and function together.

Please share this article with others in your colleges who may be thinking about CBE and how it fits with their teaching/learning philosophies.  The possibilities are beyond distance learning.

What an exciting time for those of us focused on reaching contemporary learners!

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