PHIL 102 – “The Good and the Beautiful” debuts at WKU On Demand

audrey_antonPhilosophy in the original Greek means the ‘Love of Wisdom’. Dr. Audrey Anton, instructor for WKU On Demand’s new “Explorations” level course, PHIL 102 (The Good and the Beautiful), truly embraces this definition and through her course, attempts to share this ideology with her WKU On Demand students.

Dr. Anton’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious and her skillfully-crafted web course reflects this. Through online lectures, humorous video clips, helpful ‘tips and tricks for success in Philosophy’, clear instructions on the fundamentals of reading and writing Philosophy papers, and even interactive ‘chats’ with classic and modern philosophers, PHIL 102 students get an opportunity to think in a way that they may not have experienced before.

Distance Learning’s Instructional Design team, Hannah Digges-Elliot and Andrew Swanson, assisted Dr. Anton in bringing her vision for PHIL 102 to WKU On Demand’s self-paced format. They developed the concept of formative assessments called “Conversations with… Philosophers” to engage students and allow them to verify their knowledge of course content in a uniquely fun and collaborative manner.

Dr. Anton, who studied in Ecuador as a Fulbright scholar and earned her Ph.D. at Ohio State University, was raised with a love of learning. She believes that the value of studying Philosophy especially in today’s world “is priceless. It makes us aware of how we think. It introduces critical reflection to students under the guidance of an instructor.” Dr. Anton hopes to reach both traditional and non-traditional students and give them the chance to step outside of their routine ways of thinking, and encourage them to take the time to contemplate and ask themselves, “Do I have beauty in my life? Am I happy?”

PHIL 102 (The Good and the Beautiful) satisfies an “Explorations” level requirement in the Colonnade program. Students can enroll in WKU On Demand’s classes any day and complete them at their own pace. Call WKU On Demand’s office at 270-745-4158 or register online at

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  1. Beth Laves says:

    What a great way to build awareness for innovative teaching at WKU! Dr. Anton, you sound like an amazing faculty member – I’m thrilled to see that you are teaching an On Demand course at WKU!

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