End of Summer Update: Online Program Services

I hope you all have had a terrific summer! It’s quickly coming to a close, and it has been the busiest of record for us!

There are a few exciting updates that I’d like to share:

WKU now has 80 online programs – 10 of which have been added this summer! The programs include minor areas of study, undergraduate certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees (100% online and completion), graduate certificates and master degrees. The selection is broad, offering each of our students the opportunity to pursue their interests in a way that fits their life.

To go along with the new programs, we continue to expand support for WKU’s distance learners. We have recently added the Road to Success webinar series, expanded library support services, transitioned our quarterly student newsletter to WordPress, and this fall we will launch an Online Presentation Coaching program. The Presentation Coaching program is led by Communication Professor, Dr. Donna Schiess, and includes tips for lighting, dress, video upload, troubleshooting, and offers students the opportunity to upload their project for critique. Students can access these services, and many more, with a single-click through the Student Resource Portal.

Stay tuned as we add these new services and programs to our website!


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