Changes in the faces of DELO

Happy Holidays!  This has been a semester to remember for the Division – we’ve made record strides in enrollment growth in distance learning, in dual credit, cohort and incubator programs, and notable successes in summer sessions, and independent learning.  Manon and Sharon in our new unit, Continuing & Professional Development worked hard this year to develop and implement a reorganization of our non-credit outreach into what, I believe, will be an outstanding asset to WKU through great support of educational outreach programs.  Manon retired this year and now Sharon has decided to leave us as well for beachier weather. We will miss both of you.  Your accomplishments and contributions to workforce development and lifelong learning to this region have been exceptional.  We in DELO pride ourselves on taking the University into the community and connecting the community with our University – Manon’s and Sharon’s work epitomizes the best of what we hope to live through support WKU’s mission by providing lifelong learning opportunities  for our constituents in this community, knowing that our community reaches around the globe.

We have new faces in Conference Services and in the coming weeks, there will be more.  As we support Alumni Affairs with conference needs at the Augenstein Alumni Center, forge a closer relationship with our catering partner, Aramark, and work with groups on multiple day events in partnership with Staybridge Suites, Conference Services will strive to support our mission as well.  I know good things will come in the new year!  I joke about my job, that I spend a lot of time eating, breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner, and on, but at least the food and the space are excellent!  We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful work environment and to be able to support this type of environment for WKU and our community!

Distance Learning is always out there, living on the cutting edge – of technology, of teaching and learning, of assessment.  We’ll launch our first MOOC with Dr. Mike Stokes this spring.  We will be having campus conversations about MOOCs and open educational resources this spring and hope that we can engage faculty and staff in this conversation to help the folks in DL better support the next “big” thing, whatever that may be!

As I reflect back on this year, I feel so lucky to work with such an amazing group of people!  You make this place great – it is a pleasure to share the field of educational outreach with you!  Have a happy break!
Sharon Woodward, Program Director, Lifelone Learning and Aaron Hughey, Workforce Development Instructor, extraordinaire!

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