Focusing on non-credit, leadership, and marketing at UPCEA South

I’m sitting in a session this morning listening to Jon Horn talk about student recruitment ecosystems and drip campaigns. Wow! If you are interested in marketing you should know who Jon is. He and Sarah McDonald of JMU are copresenting this morning. I continue to learn from these folks and find new ideas and programs every time I come to this conference. What a great group! On Sunday at the banquet, we recognized retirees that have been active in the organization. One of those recognized was Manon and I was so very proud of her and of her reputation in this organization. I know that we all will miss Manon. We wish you well, and I know that we will welcome new faces and new ideas because life doesn’t stand still. Yesterday the keynote speaker, J. DeSimone, said, “A vision without resources is a hallucination.” we are building a new reality. Happy Fall Break!

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