Summer Early Entry 2012

Today, WKU Summer Sessions sponsored a lunch for Summer Early Entry students.  Tomorrow is the last day of class for these students.  Summer Early Entry is a program designed for incoming freshmen who need developmental coursework.  We offer the developmental Math, Reading, and English in summer so they can get acclimated to the campus, establish study skills, and better prepare themselves for their freshmen year of college.

Summer Early Entry 2012 began June 11th and ran for 8 weeks.  Most of the students will have at least two developmental courses behind them before they even start in the fall.  Nearly two-thirds of this year’s participants lived on campus. 

For more information about Summer Early Entry, visit

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  1. Beth says:

    Thanks, Alicia! This program is a great example of WKU’s retention and graduation rate plan – Getting students on track for graduation is at the core of WKU Summer Sessions. I’m glad to see such a nice turnout!

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