Study Away plug in Spirit Magazine

Study Away continues to get ink in the Alumni magazine. 

This edition, p16, Warren Campbell’s Floodplain Management Winter Term 2012 course appears.  The Engineering Dept and Dr. Campbell used endowment funds to offset student costs.  I was co-leader of this course, driving a gold minivan over 1,500 miles from Phoenix to San Diego, so Study Away contributed my time/effort as well.  Definitely worth the investment.  Two photos are included in the article, one of which I took, hence you don’t see me.

A second plug is found in a feature article about Roger Dennis and Floral Design.  On p39, he talks about his Study Away Horticulture course, Winter 2011, during which the students worked on the 9/11 float, the only one its kinds ever allowed in the Rose Bowl Parade.  It included an fire hydrant from the Twin Towers site.  Normally all items on the floats must be made of roses.

The magazine will be available online in a few weeks.


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