Welcome to Alaska

March 8, 2012

Success at National Student Exchange.  Eight students applied as WKU’s first “class” of participants.  All eight were accepted; seven to their first choice and one to her second choice.  We move to the placement acceptance phase.  The students have been invited to accept placement at these NSE members:  Queens College, NYC; University of Montana, Missoula (as in fly fishing); UNC-Wilmington; University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas; New College of Florida; and the University of Idaho, Moscow.

March 6, 2012

Arrived in Anchorage for the National Student Exchange conference.

The first sighting of Alaska revealed snow and mountains.  Massive amounts of both.  The icy coastline is pockmarked with huge pieces of floating ice.  

alaska sighting







At the airport, I met this welcome committee.  He’s an Alaskan native, but I wasn’t sure about the proper greeting. 

anchorage welcome 

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