Continuing Ed Ready for Spring!

When most folks think of spring, they think of flowers blooming and budding trees.  In Continuing Education, we think about fishing and motorcycles!

Two fly-fishing related workshops have been held within the last couple of weeks at Gander Mountain.  Introduction to Fly Fishing was held on January 26.  During this free workshop, WKU faculty member Raymond Poff talked about the different supplies necessary for fly fishing, and compared supplies and techniques with traditional fishing methods.  A Fly Tying workshop was held on February 7 and 9.  This two-night workhop focused on the tools, techniques and patterns of fly-tying lures, as well as hands-on instruction in the creation of lures.  A Fly Casting workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, and a Study Away Fly Fishing trip to Montana is scheduled for this summer.  More details on these opportunities can be found at

WKU Continuing Education has also recently announced the 2012 Motorcycle Rider Safety course schedule. Courses are available for motorcycle riders ages 16 or over, including beginners and experienced riders. There is also a course for women only.

Courses include classroom and practical instruction taught by experienced motorcyclists who are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Basic RiderCourse covers fundamental riding skills, motorcycle safety, emergency braking and the different types of motorcycles, their controls and how they operate. Kentucky residents who successfully complete the course receive a license waiver for the skill test to obtain their motorcycle license. Motorcycles and helmets are provided.

Basic RiderCourse 2 is for riders who have a current motorcycle permit or license, access to a street-legal cycle and previous riding experience. Students discuss the mental and physical aspects of safe riding, risk management and visibility and lane position optimization as well as motorcycle inspection and care.  The course also includes an optional skill evaluation and knowledge test for Kentucky riders seeking a license waiver.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to riders who have completed these courses. For additional information on course fees, schedules and more, visit or call WKU Continuing Education at (270) 745-1912.

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