UPCEA Marketing Seminar

Mary, Susan, and Rebecca at UPCEA Marketing Seminar

Mary, Susan, and Rebecca at the UPCEA Marketing Seminar

Mary, Susan, and I recently returned from the 20th Annual UPCEA Marketing Seminar in Las Vegas.

Jim Fong, Director of UPCEA Center for Research and Consulting, shared results of the 2011 UPCEA marketing survey, which gave us a greater understanding of industry information, and performance metrics of benchmarks.    I have a hard copy of the graphs and statistics if anyone would like to take a look at the report.

I also attended sessions about video production, “rockstar” content, marketing non-credit programs, and five steps to marketing stardom.  But my favorite session was the keynote, given by Shawn Coyne, author of Brainsteering: A better approach to breakthrough ideas.

He shared his ideas about creative thinking.  After showing us images of rollerblading, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and Batman movies, he asked the room what the three have in common.  They’re all fun.  They’re all things you might do on the weekend.  Things you liked as a child.  All true, but the answer he was looking for was that they are all things that were emotionally powerful for children, then reproduced in a more exotic – and expensive – form for adults.  It makes sense—think of the success of $5 gourmet cookies, fantasy baseball camp, paintball, $100 kites, and $20 million space tourism.  He gave us all the assignment of coming up with the next big concept for a “kid activity for adults” on the plane ride home.  Do any of you have any brilliant ideas?

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