Study Away with National Student Exchange

We hosted a successful site visit on October 25 with the president and vice-president of the National Student Exchange.  The National Student Exchange (NSE) is a not-for-profit education consortium that provides affordable and practical opportunities for students enrolled at member campuses to study and live in a new location for a semester or academic year (  NSE is similar international exchange programs in which member institutions send/receive students through a centralized process, rather than individual institutions maintaining a large set of bilateral agreements. 

WKU has been considering joining for several years and now we have a home for the program with Study Away established in Extended Learning & Outreach.  

Our strong preliminary application was approved in September.  The site visit led to an invitation to become an NSE member.  We need to iron out a few details internally and with NSE, but it looks like WKU is well placed to be the next NSE member institution.

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