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WKU received the Credit Program of Excellence Award for its University Incubator.

Through the Office of Cohort Programs, DELO support departments in recruitment, marketing, budgeting, and administration of new online programs.  Additionally, the incubator program is a resource to facilitate department’s efforts in establishing new programs at our regional campuses and satellite locations. Tuition generated through the program will be used for its support through the first two sequences.  Once continued demand for the program is established, the program is moved to the university’s general fund.

Serving as an incubator for new programs adds value for the university in a couple of important ways.  It reduces risk.  DELO, rather than the state budget, funds the upfront development costs and the expenses it takes to deliver the program.  And, secondly this funding model shortens our response time in making a program available for enrollment, leaping over the traditional barrier of waiting for the necessary resources in the next budget cycle.  

 To date, WKU’s  Division of Extended Learning and Outreach has supported its academic departments in launching 16 programs of study including 4 undergraduate degrees, 6 graduate degrees, and 6 certificate programs.  Since FY 2009, incubator programs have generated more than 1,350 enrollments returning over $1.8 Million in revenue to the University. This innovative model has been requested for presentation to Kentucky’s coordinating body for higher education and the Education Advisory Board.


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