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Welcome to the DELO blog!

We as an organization need a way to communicate with each other, to share our new projects, programs, events, accomplishments, and challenges.  DELO is now grown to 44 staff members, 29 student workers, and 6 graduate assistants, by my last count, and it changes monthly.  I want us to be able to get to know each other just a little bit better and grow a better understanding of what each of us do as we all work on moving DELO forward in support of WKU’s academic mission.  So, here it is!

Use this space to share and archive your events, new programs, partnerships, photos, videos, links, conference presentations and attendances, awards and recognition, world events that may impact our work, and whatever else you think others in DELO might be interested in.  This is our space to share our work and ourselves.  Use the categories and tags for easier sorting and please comment on others’ posts. Let’s talk!

Tomorrow I’m headed to a joint meeting of UPCEA and ACHE, Summit on the Future of Online Learning.  It should be an interesting meeting – I’ll fill you in later, but one discussion topic is on the shifting policy landscape and Martha Kantor from USDOE will be there, so, while I don’t expect any answers, the questions should be good.

Next week, several fellow DELOers will be attending KACHE and it should be a great meeting.  NKU is hosting, I believe, and Dewayne will be completing his term of office, Dewayne, correct or elaborate on this, if you will – Keeping up with our colleagues across the state is vital to our work in supporting WKU’s outreach mission and this is a good place to meet those folks doing similar non-credit, training, and outreach credit programs in Kentucky.

Last week, we welcomed Amanda back from family leave and it’s good to have her back! This week, we are saying goodbye to Jordan who has taken a position in Louisville.  Good luck and best wishes to you and your family, Jordan!

Yesterday, I traveled down to Franklin for the Chamber eye-opener hosted by CE and CTD.  Manon and Sharon, you all did a wonderful job! And last night, Laura, Manon, and I attended an evening with business and industry at Barren County High School hosted by BGTC.  Provost Phil Neal of BGTC and the Glasgow mayor Rhonda Trautman, both referenced the joint admission agreement WKU recently signed with BGTC and the benefits to the students in Glasgow that will bring.  It makes me realize how interconnected we are with KCTCS and the ways that DELO can positively impact students through that relationship.

As we begin this fall with so much going on, so many great things in DELO that you are doing, I hope you will take time to share them.


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  1. dwy04350 says:

    You are correct, Beth. I have had the privilege of serving as president of KACHE for the past year, but I will turn over that position to Joel Pace of Morehead State at our meeting next week.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with KACHE, we are a group of outreach/continuing education professionals who enjoy the collaboration of connecting with others in similar fields across the state. Our conferences take place in the fall, usually in September, and these provide us with opportunities to create and establish relationships with peer professionals, but also to discuss and explore issues pertaining to higher education and continuing higher education in Kentucky.

    Dewayne Neeley

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