Just What Is a Cohort Program?

by Crissy Priddy

Even as WKU’s Cohort Program coordinator, I struggle to define it when asked by friends and family.

In its simplest form, a cohort is a group. It’s a group of student peers and mentors aligned around the dream to complete a specific structured degree program together.

The Cohort Program team makes the connections. We guide students through the process from application to graduation.

We help students gather the necessary requirements for admission. We enroll them in required courses for a guaranteed seat. No more getting up early to register for that one class! We take care of all the processes so students can focus on the classes.


To the Students
We strive to create quality college credit programs regardless of institutional boundaries.

The open Cohort Programs provide a unique opportunity for you to complete coursework with those who share your passion for the subject of study while earning your degree — together. For a list of programs please visit our website.

To the Partners
We partner with business, industry and community groups to develop customized courses, certificates and degree programs that meet your needs.

Together, we’ll identify the expectations, responsibilities and costs to create a custom program that works best for your group.We’ll than create a memorandum of agreement and begin enrolling your group in WKU!

Our success stories include program designs for Kingsford Charcoal to the National Association of Gifted Studies. Here’s a complete list of our past partners and projects.

Let us know how we can work with you!


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CCSA wraps up first set of study abroad programs at WKU

CCSA-logo-FINAL-1000The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) recently wrapped up its first set of study abroad programs at WKU, including three winter programs: London Winter, London Arts and London-Dublin.

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5 WKU students participate in National Student Exchange

WKU NSE logoFive WKU students are part of the 2014-2015 class in the National Student Exchange, a not-for-profit education consortium that provides affordable and practical opportunities for students to study and live at another member university.

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Students take advantage of WKU Study Away courses during Winter Term 2015

wku study awayMore than 65 WKU students put their winter break to good use through Study Away courses during Winter Term 2015. WKU Study Away partnered with University faculty to help students take their classroom to other parts of the country and gain practical, hands-on instruction.

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WKU SGA Award Study Away Scholarships for Winter Term 2015

wku study awayFive WKU students have received scholarships toward tuition during Winter Term 2015.

Scholarship recipients are Emily Embry, Hannah Bertram, Alena Cieszko, Michael Blackshire and Samya Monem.

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Congratulations to Tabatha Phillips!

The National College Testing Association (NCTA) has recognized Tabatha Phillips, Testing Centers Coordinator, as a recipient of the 2014 Service Recognition Award.  Tabatha has extended her service to the organization in many capacities including chair of the Ad Hoc Distance Learning Committee and member of both the Strategic Planning and Technical Services Committees.  Tabatha has generously donated her time and expertise to contribute to the mission of NCTA and the award is well-deserved.


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Kentucky Study Abroad Symposium

flsa-delo-logo150Students and Faculty who have engaged in academic activity outside their campus are eligible to present as individuals or as groups in the Kentucky Study Abroad Symposium. The Symposium is open to students at any post-secondary institution who have studied abroad (outside the USA) or studied away (domestic or US territories) during a term beginning from the Fall of 2012 through Winter 2015. Students must be nominated by a Faculty Symposium Advisor or Sponsor who will work with the student on their presentation and abstract.

The goal of the symposium is to extract from students’ examples of how the role of international and off-campus domestic academic experiences enhances student learning.

Learn more

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WKU hosts CCSA

ccsa logo blue and blueWKU hosts The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad board meeting this weekend.  This will be WKU’s first board meeting as the host institution.

Knicely Center — here we come!

Welcome CCSA!


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Office of Study Away – We’ve moved.

wku study awayThe Office of Study Away is a unit of Extended Learning & Outreach.  The office manages Study Away, American Traveler, and Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs, along with the National Student Exchange.

We partner with faculty and academic departments to develop and administer innovative learning opportunities within the US and around the world.

New Location — The Office of Study Away is now located in Tate Page Hall 104.  Our team includes Rebecca Schwartz, Study Away coordinator, and Erin Greunke, Faculty-Led Study Abroad coordinator, who last year supported faculty and over 640 participants in 60 study abroad and study away programs.  http://www.wku.edu/studyaway/

ccsa logo blue and blueCCSA – The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad – WKU is now the host institution for CCSA.  CCSA is a study abroad consortium that administers programs in  English-speaking countries for our 23 member campuses.  WKU is a founding member, so this is somewhat of a homecoming for CCSA.  Here is link… www.ccsa.cc .

With this move to WKU, three CCSA staff members join us in the Study Away office.  Robin Byerly is the program coordinator and has been with CCSA for many years.  Robert Bedard joins CCSA as the Accounts Coordinator.  Dave Nelson joins CCSA as the data specialist.  While the CCSA team works exclusively on CCSA programs, we hope to build connections between our WKU programs and CCSA in areas such as professional development and training from which all program leaders will benefit.


flsa-delo-logo150With CCSA, FLSA National Student Exchange and Study Away all under one roof, we are better able to respond to specific academic needs and interests.

WKU NSE logoThe Next Steps – Our team is ready to partner with all areas of campus to create learning opportunities that challenge our students to part of leading American university with international reach.

We look forward to a great 2014-2015 academic year.


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DL Testing Centers Receives National Recognition

The WKU Distance Learning (DL) Testing Centers worked diligently this year to become nationally certified through the National College Testing Association (NCTA).  The process took almost a year to complete and we were awarded certification in June.

I want to thank the DL Testing Centers’ staff for working so hard on this endeavor and send special thanks to Lisa Epley, Testing Specialist, for being the lead contact with NCTA on the project.

If you would like to read more, please visit this link: http://wkunews.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/delo-dl-recognition/



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