SGA awards scholarships to 7 students for Study Away courses

wku study awayThe Student Government Association at WKU has awarded scholarships to seven students taking courses this summer through WKU Study Away.

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Study Away selects 30 students for Summer 2015 scholarships

wku study awayWKU’s Office of Study Away has selected 30 students to receive more than $7,000 in total scholarship awards. The scholarships will be applied toward tuition for Study Away and Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses taken during Summer Sessions 2015.

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WKU’s Office of Study Away Hosted the 2015 Study Abroad Symposium

kysasymp-imgWKU Study Away will host the Kentucky Study Abroad Symposium on March 28 at the Knicely Conference Center on WKU’s South Campus. Students and faculty from Kentucky postsecondary institutions who have engaged in academic activity outside their campus will present informative sessions regarding their experiences studying abroad or away.

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CCSA open for Winter 2015-2016

CCSA-logo-FINAL-1000Our new look-books and cards have arrived for Winter 2015 programs! Check them out…

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WKU Glasgow group completes the ‘Kentucky Experience’ Study Away program

wku study awayTwenty-six WKU Glasgow students and faculty members spent their 2015 Spring Break traveling by coach through the eastern part of Kentucky to explore the unique history, geography and culture of the Commonwealth.

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WKU extends international reach with partnership in Iceland

flsa-delo-logo150A 2014 Faculty-led study abroad kicked off this new international partnership that continues to grow.

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And… a new program in Iceland this summer will take several WKU students to this stunning location.



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WKU’s National Student Exchange option

Big Red likes NSE!  How about you?  Learn more by clicking on Big Red!




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Just What Is a Cohort Program?

by Crissy Priddy

Even as WKU’s Cohort Program coordinator, I struggle to define it when asked by friends and family.

In its simplest form, a cohort is a group. It’s a group of student peers and mentors aligned around the dream to complete a specific structured degree program together.

The Cohort Program team makes the connections. We guide students through the process from application to graduation.

We help students gather the necessary requirements for admission. We enroll them in required courses for a guaranteed seat. No more getting up early to register for that one class! We take care of all the processes so students can focus on the classes.


To the Students
We strive to create quality college credit programs regardless of institutional boundaries.

The open Cohort Programs provide a unique opportunity for you to complete coursework with those who share your passion for the subject of study while earning your degree — together. For a list of programs please visit our website.

To the Partners
We partner with business, industry and community groups to develop customized courses, certificates and degree programs that meet your needs.

Together, we’ll identify the expectations, responsibilities and costs to create a custom program that works best for your group.We’ll than create a memorandum of agreement and begin enrolling your group in WKU!

Our success stories include program designs for Kingsford Charcoal to the National Association of Gifted Studies. Here’s a complete list of our past partners and projects.

Let us know how we can work with you!


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CCSA wraps up first set of study abroad programs at WKU

CCSA-logo-FINAL-1000The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) recently wrapped up its first set of study abroad programs at WKU, including three winter programs: London Winter, London Arts and London-Dublin.

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5 WKU students participate in National Student Exchange

WKU NSE logoFive WKU students are part of the 2014-2015 class in the National Student Exchange, a not-for-profit education consortium that provides affordable and practical opportunities for students to study and live at another member university.

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