Office of Study Away Gears Up for Summer 2016

wku study awayThe Office of Study Away is preparing for Summer 2016 and will offer nearly 30 Study Awayand Faculty Led Study Abroad (FLSA) courses taught by WKU faculty. The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), which the Office of Study Away administers, will also offer unique courses taught by faculty from CCSA member institutions.

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Study Away SGA Scholarship Open for Summer courses

wku study awayThe Student Government Association supports Study Away students by offering scholarships.  Open to students taking a summer 2016 study away course in one the many location offered this summer around the United States.

sf_gate_fog480Deadline is March 28.

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Spring Break 2016 will find three groups of students in warm locations.

wku study awaySome students use spring break to unwind in warm climates, while the more adventurous seek intellectual stimulation though challenging courses.

Agriculture at the Equator
offer a chance to explore the history and culture of the Ecuadorian people as well as developmental issues that face the inhabitants and threaten the ecosystem.  Dr. Linda Brown, agriculture department head, will teach AGRI 475 and 475G to students seeking to gain an appreciation for the land and climate of Ecuador, the political, religious, and cultural issues that affect the agriculture ecuadorsector and Ecuador’s relationship with the global community. Starting March 2 and ending on the 11th, this Faculty-Led Study Abroad course earns students three credit hours for the spring 2016 semester.

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Average temperature in Quito in March is around mid-70s F during the day, but 50 F or lower at night.


Students seeking course options a bit closer to home (but not much) will travel to America’s western regions for hands-on experience.

201610-az-hillsideAgricultural Education Explorations in Arizona takes place from March 3 to 9. Students will explore agricultural practices and education in Arizona.  Professor Thomas Kingery will teach AGED 475 in which students actively discover the history, development, and success of Arizona Agriculture Education Programs in secondary schools. This Study Away class enables students to meet people in Arizona’s Native American tribal lands and the see the Grand Canyon.

Average daytime temperature in March is around 70 F.

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california-group740330Geology of Death Valley and the Mojave Desert is a Study Away course that takes students to Death Valley and the Mojave Desert from March 4 to 12.  Dr. Andrew Wulff teaches GEOL 452 in which students will map geologically unique areas while camping on location.

Average temperature in Death Valley in March is around 80 F during the day, but near 50 F at night.

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The Office of Study Away is a DELO unit that provides administrative support to create innovative teaching and learning opportunities in partnership with WKU’s academic departments and faculty who seek to provide their students and the community differing perspectives of America and the world.

For more information, contact Jerry Barnaby, Director of the Office of Study Away, at

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Dual Credit and Study Away – The New York Way

wku study awayCheck out the recent View from the Hill that aired on WBKO in Bowling Green.

Watch it now…

A shout out to Dewayne Neeley and Brittney Jones in Dual Credit, and Diana Howard in Study Away.

Going again this year.  Learn more…


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CCSA – The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad Winter Programs Complete

CCSA-logo-FINAL-1000The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) recently wrapped up its Winter 2015-16 study abroad courses through WKU, including five winter programs: London Winter, London Arts & Literature, London Theater, Australian Ecosystems and Two Capitals: London & Dublin.

Over 240 students from 18 institutions completed 16 different courses taught by 16 faculty from eight CCSA member schools.  The London programs started on December 26, 2015, with the two weeks spent in London and the surrounding areas.  The London-Dublin program also started in London on December 26, then moved to Dublin on January 3.  The Australia program started on December 26, then returned on January 9, 2016.

Keith Walters, History of Chemistry outside Science Museum, LondonCCSA Executive Board Chair from Morehead State University, Dr. Royal Berglee, said the CCSA winter programs to London, Dublin and Australia had excellent participation.  Berglee served as program director of the London-Dublin program. He said that it was exciting to see so many students having new experiences and learning about other places and cultures.

One student wrote that “studying in London was a life-changing experience. In my two short weeks here, I got to experience old and new, all while in a culturally accepting atmosphere. It truly was the best decision I could have ever made. It gave me a new confidence in myself and my abilities.”

kaley uk2Winter 2015-16 programs offered a unique set of courses taught by wonderful faculty from our member institutions. CCSA is made up of small and large schools, private and public, but everyone believes in CCSA and the model it offers for so many first-time study abroad students.

CCSA’s twenty-six member institutions are gearing up for the Summer 2016 programs in Australia, Belize, Ireland, London and South Africa. The May & early June application deadline is February 12 with the final deadline of February 29. The late June and July summer application deadline is March 25 with final deadline of April 15.

kaley buckingham palace londonLearn more here.

WKU serves as CCSA’s host institution through the Office of Study Away in the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach.

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Winter Term 2016 Offers Expanded Courses through Study Away

wku study awayWKU students and faculty made good use of their time off during Winter Term 2016 through WKU Study Away and Faculty Led Study Abroad. WKU faculty taught courses in seven programs with over 74 participants.

WKU Study Away offered courses in geography, floodplain management, film and theater, which took students to Hawaii, Utah, California, Death Valley or New York City.

floodplain managementDr. Warren Campbell led a course in floodplain management, which took students to the southern California coast, through Death Valley and into Las Vegas. Dr. Campbell says that teaching study away is very different from teaching in a classroom because students get to fully experience what they learn. He said that students “actually see the overflow spillways at Hoover Dam and see that you can float a battleship in there.  They need to see something in concrete, rock and dirt to fully appreciate these important engineering concepts.”


flsa-delo-logo150Through Faculty Led Study Abroad, WKU faculty taught in Costa Rica, France, New Zealand, South Africa and Taiwan, where students studied biology leadership, outdoor recreation, economics or political science.

south africaDr. Brian Strow and Dr. Claudia Strow taught political science in South Africa. Dr. Brian Strow said that teaching abroad really opens up mentoring opportunities that do not always manifest themselves in a classroom environment. “Students gain a sense of context from being surrounded by a learning environment rather than just abstractly looking at it from the outside,” he said.

Dr. Timothy S. Rich and Dr. Yufen Chang led students to Taiwan, where students studied political science.  He said the students taiwangained immersion into a foreign election, seeing rallies, talking to voters and understanding firsthand why this election mattered” as they saw first-hand the first woman to be elected president of Taiwan.  He added that teaching abroad allows for an intense in-depth study of a topic, aided by having experiences outside of a traditional classroom.

The goal of these programs is to provide students the opportunity to enhance their academic achievement by providing unique experiences that complements their coursework.  Faculty also get to offer students unique perspective by making the course location their classroom.


Spring and summer courses are open for applications with over 34 four different locations available for students to earn WKU credit.  New programs include courses in Barbados and Morocco, along with a spring beak class in Arizona, and a summer class in North Carolina.

More information is available on our website at or by calling the Office of Study Away at 270-745-4512.



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Academic Outreach welcomes 3 new team members

ara_sprouse  Ara Sprouse joins DELO as the Dual Credit Program Specialist.  Her primary responsibilities will be student registration and communication processes.  Ara holds a B.S. in Marketing (WKU, ’06). She brings 13 years of professional experience to the position including eight years at WKU in administration.  Dewayne Neeley, Program Manager, and Brittney Jones, Program Coordinator, are thrilled to have Ara on board as they work to meet the needs of a growing number of students taking an expanding menu of course options with WKU Dual Credit.

sharon_leone  Sharon Leone began her position in Academic Outreach as a Student Support Specialist in December.  Sharon will be working with students in Cohort Programs, Summer Sessions and Winter Term.  She replaces Adam Davis who left for a promotion opportunity at the University of Arkansas.  Sharon graduated Summa Cum Laude from WKU in 2014  with a B.A. in Sociology.  Her professional experience includes work with the Governor’s Scholars Program and Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

beth dillon2  Beth Dillon started in mid-January as the Academic Outreach Office Associate.  She replaces Suzanne Thomas who accepted a new position in KRS supporting the Graduate Cohort Programs in Recreation & Sport Administration. Beth earned her Organizational Communications and a minor in Business Administration from Cedarville College in Ohio.  Prior to this position, she served in DELO’s Continuing and Professional Development unit as a part-time employee.

This is an exciting time in Academic Outreach with a number of new projects in development. With these new team members, we are looking forward to increasing our level of service and support to students and academic units at WKU.

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Student Government Association Study Away Scholarship

wku study awayStudent Government Association Study Away Scholarship

For WKU students in Study Away courses for Summer 2016.

No passport Required. Limited time offer!

Apply today… 

Thank you SGA.

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Tawain Winter 2016 Study Abroad course

flsa-delo-logo150See for a story on the recent Faculty-Led Study Abroad course in Taiwan. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This really shows that WKU faculty are the best teachers in the world and their classes can change the lives of many students.

Toppers Tour around the World: Taiwan

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WKU Students at Sundance

wku study awayFor the third year in a row, WKU study away students are in Utah at the world-renown Sundance Film Festival.

Our snowy campus looks more wintry than Park City, Utah, so good to be away today.


view park city utah by patera cook

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More about Sundance…

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