Twenty WKU Employees Accepted into the 2017 Staff Leadership Institute

The WKU Staff Council’s Staff Leadership Institute (SLI) Committee has selected the SLI Class of 2017. Through a competitive process, the Committee selected 20 WKU staff members to participate in the 8-month program, which develops leadership skills for a cohort of WKU staff who has demonstrated advancement potential.

The SLI Class of 2017 participants are Andrew Gilliam, Joshua Montgomery, April McCauley, Tim McWhorter, Cyndia Tarrence, Chonda White, Marsha Hopper, Belinda Wisdom, Monica Hines, Sarah Reece, Ara Sprouse, Nathan Digges-Elliott, Melissa Hamlin, Chris Ware, Stephen Wood, Donna Kasznel, Christy Murphy, Kristi Smith, Shannon Bridges and Vicki Armstrong.

Our goal is to provide a challenging program that provides staff with leadership skills that will help them excel personally and professionally at WKU.

Since the SLI’s inception in 2003, over 250 WKU staff have participated, and we are proud to partner with the WKU HR and Staff Council to provide a program for emerging leaders within our WKU community.

The selection process is competitive, and only 20 staff members are selected. Participants spend one day each month improving leadership competencies, including communication skills, team building and personal development strategies, as well as knowledge about the WKU community and valuable resources throughout campus.

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Cindy Ehresman,
Program Manager WKU Lifelong Learning

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