Spring Break 2016 will find three groups of students in warm locations.

wku study awaySome students use spring break to unwind in warm climates, while the more adventurous seek intellectual stimulation though challenging courses.

Agriculture at the Equator
offer a chance to explore the history and culture of the Ecuadorian people as well as developmental issues that face the inhabitants and threaten the ecosystem.  Dr. Linda Brown, agriculture department head, will teach AGRI 475 and 475G to students seeking to gain an appreciation for the land and climate of Ecuador, the political, religious, and cultural issues that affect the agriculture ecuadorsector and Ecuador’s relationship with the global community. Starting March 2 and ending on the 11th, this Faculty-Led Study Abroad course earns students three credit hours for the spring 2016 semester.

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Average temperature in Quito in March is around mid-70s F during the day, but 50 F or lower at night.


Students seeking course options a bit closer to home (but not much) will travel to America’s western regions for hands-on experience.

201610-az-hillsideAgricultural Education Explorations in Arizona takes place from March 3 to 9. Students will explore agricultural practices and education in Arizona.  Professor Thomas Kingery will teach AGED 475 in which students actively discover the history, development, and success of Arizona Agriculture Education Programs in secondary schools. This Study Away class enables students to meet people in Arizona’s Native American tribal lands and the see the Grand Canyon.

Average daytime temperature in March is around 70 F.

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california-group740330Geology of Death Valley and the Mojave Desert is a Study Away course that takes students to Death Valley and the Mojave Desert from March 4 to 12.  Dr. Andrew Wulff teaches GEOL 452 in which students will map geologically unique areas while camping on location.

Average temperature in Death Valley in March is around 80 F during the day, but near 50 F at night.

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The Office of Study Away is a DELO unit that provides administrative support to create innovative teaching and learning opportunities in partnership with WKU’s academic departments and faculty who seek to provide their students and the community differing perspectives of America and the world.

For more information, contact Jerry Barnaby, Director of the Office of Study Away, at jerry.barnaby@wku.edu

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