Innovative Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Learn more about the ‘Work, Study and Live in Brussels” WKU Faculty-Led Hybrid study abroad program, May 25 – July 12.

8 WKU students, 4 native Europeans and 20 American students (from universities across the U.S.) are enrolled in a political science/sociology course entitled “Islam and Citizenship in Europe” jointly taught by Dr. Jerry Daday (Sociology) and Soleiman Kiasatpour (Political Science) in Brussels, Belgium

The WKU students are ALSO either doing an international internship with — Ernst and Young, The British School of Brussels, (A)way Publications, and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

Or they are taking a second course on the European Union through a European institution– Vesalius College, Brussels.

All WKU students are doing home stays and living with European families for the 7-week duration. 


  • Visit U.S. Embassy, Brussels, and debriefing by Deputy Political Section officer responsible for Muslim outreach in Europe
  • Presentation on international careers in the Foreign Service and debrief by Fulbright-Brussels Program coordinator 
  • Visit the U.S.-European Media Hub, State Department, Bureau of Public Affairs, Brussels
  • Visit to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and debrief by Colonel Laura Potter, Allied Commander for all Counterintelligence in Europe
  • Meeting and interview with Mr. Ahmed Baadoud, a City Councilor of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who has 170,000 constituents
  • Tour of several mosques and Islamic cultural centers in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Visit and attendance at court proceedings at the  International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Hague, the Netherlands
  • Guest lecture by the Program Director of the European Muslim Network and author of Islamic Feminisms, Malika Hamidi

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