Winter Term 2012 Recap

The final student headcount for Winter Term 2012 was 2,047 (down 3% from 2011).  There were 260 sections offered in 2012 which was a 5.7% increase over 2011. This year, there were 21 new courses added that had never been offered during Winter Term.

Study abroad during Winter Term had a 28% increase from 2011.  Over 145 students studied abroad, and 86% of those were on WKU faculty led trips.  Students traveled to Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy, and Kenya.

Study Away also was a success this Winter Term.  Dr Warren Campbell (Engineering) led nine civil engineering students out west to study “Total Immersion Floodplain Management”.  Dr. Ingrid Cartwright (Art) led fourteen students to New York City to study art throughout history and around the world.

Online courses represented over 57% of the overall Winter Term course enrollment in 2012.  Online course enrollment has grown 118% since the first Winter Term in 2006.  Potter College, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, College of Health & Human Services, and Ogden college all had slight increases in course enrollment from Bowling Green campus courses.

The annual report for Winter Term 2012 will be available within the next couple of weeks on the winter website:

If you have any questions, please let me know!  Thanks!

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  1. Jerry Barnaby says:

    thanks for information. I hope the Study Away/Abroad partnership will bear fruit for Winter 2013!

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