Study Away Prep for Arizona & New York City

We’re meeting with the Floodplain management course student’s tonight for the pre-departure orientation.  Time to talk packing, laundry, patience and advanced learning with the nine engineering students.  I will be joining the group when we leave Jan 9 for the flight to Phoenix.  I then get to drive the van to Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Death Valley, southern California, ending in San Diego on January 21.  Luckily we will have two mini vans, and Dr. Warren Campbell will drive the second one.

On Monday, Dec 5, we do a similar routine with the Art & Audience in New York City students.  This groups currently consists of 13 for-credit and 2 non-credit (American Travelers).  Dr. Ingrid Cartwright and Vicki Sharer will lead the group to the Big Apple from Jan 4 to 8 for a whirlwind tour of American art “must sees.”

Thus far 22 students will be learning via Study Away this winter term.  And two students are going to NYC for noncredit.

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