The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad Kicks off the Summer of 2017

The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) kicked off the 2017 Summer with “Ireland: One Island, Two Countries.”

Students and faculty started the on-site course on May 17 and return to USA on May 31. During the program, students will study across an island divided by a border, but joined in history. The course includes both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

From Dublin, the capital of the Republic, faculty and students will uncover the cultural significance behind Glendalough, Trinity College and places made famous by such writers as James Joyce and Jonathan Swift. Then they will head to Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), tracking the history of Ireland, ancient and modern, stopping at the magnificent coastal World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway, and visiting locations associated more recently with the Troubles in Belfast and Derry. Then it’s off to the beauty of the mountains, valleys and islands of the West of Ireland where Gaelic and traditional music can still be heard. Together, they will discover the beauty and the tragedy, the history and the hope that define this land still struggling to be united.

Students in Dr. Bruce Pratt’s Agriculture course visit Alltech near Dublin, Ireland

The program includes four faculty, with each teaching their own course: Dr. Maire Blankenship is a WKU Nursing faculty on her second CCSA program; Dr. Barbara Burch from Georgetown College will teach her first English course with CCSA; Dr. Robert Mullaney from EKU will teach= his first occupational therapy course with CCSA; and Dr. Bruce Pratt from EKU will teach agriculture with CCSA for the first time.

Dr. Maire Blankenship’s nursing students at Jeannie Johnston Famine Ship in Dublin, Ireland

Thirty-five student and two non-credit participants will join program director Scott Boyd from MTSU.

Jerry Barnaby, Executive Director of CCSA, said, “The summer 2017 programs offer a unique set of courses taught by intrepid faculty from CCSA member institutions.” He added that CCSA is made up of small and large schools, private and public, but everyone believes in CCSA and the model it offers for so many first-time study abroad students.

CCSA’s twenty-six member institutions are gearing up for the winter 2017-2108 programs in Dublin and London. The summer 2018 catalog will feature a new programs in Ghana and South Africa Scotland, along with the existing programs in Belize, Ireland, Scotland and London.

More information is found at or by calling 1-800-319-6015 or 270-745-4512.

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WKU’s SGA Awards Scholarships to Study Away Students

wku study awayThe Student Government Association (SGA) at WKU has awarded two $300 scholarships to WKU students taking study away courses during Summer Session 2017.

Through continuing support of a Study Away Scholarship, SGA encourages students to expand their learning opportunities off campus. SGA first began offering this scholarship to students taking a Study Away course during Winter Term 2011 and has since sponsored over 64 scholarships, totaling over $7,200.

The Summer 2017 Scholarship recipients are:

kennedy mayo

Kennedy Mayo

Kennedy Mayo, a freshman from Lebanon, KY, studying history and social studies.  She said this scholarship enables her to enroll in the new study away course in Hawaii called, “Hawaii Land & Resources.”





noah rudloff

Noah Rudloff

Noah Tyler Rudloff is a Bowling Green sophomore studying Corporate and Organizational Communication. He hopes to someday attend law school and says the course, “Citizen and Self,” centered in Washington D.C., will be right in the heart of what he wants to do with his life.




Study Away Director Jerry Barnaby said that study away courses are an excellent complement to traditional classroom courses, and that scholarships like this help students access these opportunities.

“The SGA scholarship makes a positive impact on students by giving them additional resources to take study away courses,” said Barnaby. “We appreciate the way SGA encourages students to expand their overall academic experience by providing Study Away scholarship opportunities. I encourage other organizations to follow SGA’s lead and develop their own scholarship programs to help students expand their study away opportunities.”

Study Away offers off-campus courses that enable students to apply the lessons learned in the classroom in a practical, hands-on setting. No passport is required for study away courses since they take place within the United States.

Additional information about WKU Study Away is available at For information about the SGA Study Away Scholarship, please contact Jerry Barnaby, Director of the Office of Study Away at 270-745-4512.

Study Away is a unit of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach.

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WKU On Demand & WKU Online Spring into Summer!

Spring is a busy time for all of us, and WKU On Demand & WKU Online have been on-the-go, reaching out to traditional, post-traditional, and potential WKU students.

Nikki Roof and Donna Kasznel represented WKU Online & On Demand at the Jefferson Community & Technical College Online Transfer Fair in March.


President Ransdell addresses the class of 2021.

TOP Information Fairs at the Downing Student Union are a great way to introduce incoming Freshman to WKU On Demand and Online courses, and we love getting the opportunity to meet future Hilltoppers, and connecting with their parents.

Glasgow Veterans learned about what WKU On Demand and Online Learning can do for them at the Glasgow Veteran’s Job Fair at the National Guard Armory on April 12th.

Online’s Wildflower seed cards were a big hit with students, faculty, and staff at WKU’s 2017 Earth Day celebration.

To celebrate Earth Day 2017, WKU-style, Holly Young of WKU Online came up with a geocaching activity that was very popular with the Pokémon Go-loving students on campus. Students followed clues to collect cards from geocaches at three sites on campus during WKU’s Earth Day celebration on April 20th on Centennial Mall.

Nikki, Morgan, & Catie served cotton candy and popcorn to happy WKU students on Centennial Mall

We also held our very popular carnival-themed Summer Registration Kick-off event on April 26th & 27th here on the Bowling Green campus at the Hardin Planetarium and the Centennial Mall. Students got great information about On Demand and Online classes while enjoying some cotton candy and popcorn, made fresh by Catie Yates, Morgan Skaggs, Holly Young and Nikki Roof!

Holly & Morgan (and Donna) *perfected* the art of cotton candy & popcorn making at the Hardin Planetarium



We’re so glad we’ve been able to connect with so many existing and potential students and we look forward to helping them with their On Demand classes this summer.

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Fly Fishing Montana – Summer and Fall 2017

fly fishing montanaREC 480 – Fly Fishing Montana – Travel-based Learning in Recreation & Tourism (3 hrs)

Summer 2017 – High School course

Fall 2017 course plus Sept 18-23 Study Away component.

Join us for a fantastic course designed to teach you the fundamentals of fly fishing. Fly fishing is a lifetime leisure pursuit; treat yourself to some quality instruction to jump start the learning curve.

Please contact Dr. Raymond Poff via e-mail for specific details about these courses.

wku study away

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Robin Ayers brings Western Spirit to On Demand Algebra & Trig

Math Professor Robin Ayers’ office is a visual testament to her passion for her students. Her walls are festooned with mementos and artifacts, newspaper clippings and autographed red towels, collected over her 26 years of teaching college math, each one celebrating a relationship with a cherished student. After speaking with Professor Ayers, it quickly becomes clear that she cherishes ALL of her students.

At WKU’s 2015 Convocation, President Gary Ransdell honored Professor Ayers with the 14th Annual “Spirit of Western Award”. President Ransdell recognized Ms. Ayers’ enthusiasm and passion and that she “never fails to go over-the-top for all things WKU. The pride and commitment she has for WKU shows in her face, in her voice, in her classroom, and in her office.”

When designing her self-paced, online sections of Math 116 (College Algebra) and Math 117 (Trigonometry) for WKU On Demand, Professor Ayers’ goal was to make her web classes as close to the face-to-face classroom experience as possible. To do this, she took on the Herculean task of recording instructional videos for every single section of the class. There are more than 30 videos in both the On Demand  College Algebra course and in On Demand Trigonometry; Professor Ayers works out every problem with the student in each video. She also asked her son, a current WKU student, for advice on how to make her online classes more accessible.

Professor Ayers was guided by the Instructional Design team in Distance Learning to help her structure her classes for On Demand. Instructional Designer Alicia Pennington said, “Robin knew what she wanted to cover. We just helped her reorganize her content so that it is not overwhelming; consistency is the key.” Alicia has also observed Professor Ayers interacting with her students, “She is so caring and collegial; she has worked very hard to make her Blackboard class friendly to online students.”

Professor Ayers understands that students struggle with many different obstacles, from learning disabilities related to autism, to the challenges facing student athletes, or even institutional biases that might affect expectations for some students. Back when student Robin Ayers arrived at Western as a freshman, she met with some resistance when she attempted to register for Calculus. After she received the message that she might be better off taking something ‘easier’, she resolved to major in Mathematics and went on to become the first woman of color to earn a BS in Mathematics from WKU. Her determination and her passion for helping students to succeed is evident in the two Math classes that she has designed for WKU On Demand.

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Summer Early Entry Helps Students Be Ready for First Year of College

College courses like English and math have minimum ACT requirement before students can enroll in them. When students’ ACT scores fall below the minimum, students can complete developmental courses to qualify them for enrollment in their required English and math courses. Summer Early Entry (SEE) allows students to complete developmental courses during the summer so they are fully prepared to take courses in the fall.

SEE is a 5-week program where students live on campus, meet with tutors and take developmental math and/or English courses, including Math 096 or Eng 055. They can also complete a university experience course (UCC 175) and Math 109 for credit. SEE students get to know WKU faculty and staff, as well as other students through social activities and events.

Developmental Courses are required for any student with ACT scores below 16 in English or below 20 in Math.

Developmental courses are important to preparing students for their English and math coursework. By taking them through Summer Early Entry, students have everything they need to successfully start coursework in the fall.

In addition to completing their developmental courses, students are introduced to resources they need to be successful college students, including hands-on support like tutoring, access to computer labs, programming and weekly meetings with peer mentors to help them meet Cornerstone requirements.

SEE students experience all aspects of college life and learn skills to help them effectively transition into college.

The program fee includes 6-7 hours of tuition, campus housing, meal plans, M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan and social activities/events.

Program dates are July 10-August 10, and applications are available online at Financial aid, housing and meal plans are also available. For more information, visit

Carlous Yates
Director of Student Support Programs

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Study Abroad in Costa Rica – Gatton Academy – Winter 2017

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky at WKU conducted two simultaneous faculty-led study abroad courses in Costa Rica during the2017 Winter Term.

They conducted biology research at the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve and shared this blog.

Study Abroad in Costa Rica – Gatton Academy 2017

Learn more about the Cloudbridge Reserve at this link.

And learn more about WKU Faculty-Led Study Abroad course here.


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Meet Arthur Clemons – Focusing on a successful WKU On Demand post-traditional student

Arthur Clemons’ father kept Arthur’s 1970 high school graduation photo in his wallet until he died. Arthur was the only one of his children to graduate from high school – the first member of his family to do so, and he was so proud. Arthur enrolled in college after high school but left the University before he earned his degree when he got married and started a family.

Several decades later, Arthur made the decision to go back college and finally earn his degree in Criminology. He is currently enrolled in WKU’s JUMP program, which allows students to complete their Bachelor’s degree while concurrently working on their Master’s. As a post-traditional student, Arthur has found WKU On Demand’s self-paced classes invaluable and they have allowed him to push forward to reach his goals.

Arthur has succeeded because he has a very specific and disciplined approach to tackling his coursework. “FOCUS! I get on it and stay on it! This is not like going to face-to-face classes; I study 3 to 4 hours a day per course, I use flashcards as a study aid, and I work 5 days a week. I take one class at a time, and I put in the time. I test when the material is fresh in my mind because my memory isn’t as great as it was when I was 20! I enjoy learning, and as you get older, taking classes helps to keep you mentally sharp. I don’t want to know all about one thing; I want to know a little about everything.”

The result of this dedication is that Arthur is able to complete an On Demand class in a compressed time frame of 7 or 8 weeks, and then move on to the next one. “I tell myself, ‘I HAVE to get this done’ and I treat it like my job, because it is my job. My daughter-in-law used to ask me why I worked so hard, and I joked that having my degree would look good in my obituary. But, mostly, I do think that my parents would have been proud of me.”

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Study Away Scholarships Open for Summer

wku study awayThe Student Government Association supports Study Away students by offering scholarships.  Open to students taking a Summer 2017 study away course in one the many location offered this summer around the United States.

Deadline is March 31, 2017.

Learn more…

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Study Away Winter Term 2017 Courses Recap


wku study awayThe Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) formed the WKU Study Away program in 2010, offering off-campus programs that help students apply lessons from the classroom in a practical, hands-on setting. Now WKU Study Away has expanded to also administer Faculty-Led Study Abroad (FLSA) courses in collaboration with the Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning and their academic departments and American Traveler, a non-credit experiential learning program.

During Winter Term 2017, Study Away offered courses in Arizona, Hawaii, Tennessee, Utah, Nevada, New York City, and Washington DC.  Courses were offered in geography, floodplain management, film, hospitality management, sports management, and theater to over 105 students and non-credit participants.

The Office of Study Away also partners with faculty and academic department to administer Faculty-Led Study Abroad.  During Winter Term 2017 faculty taught in Australia, Costa Rica, and France with over sixty students studying economics, biology, and leadership, respectively.

The goal is to provide students the opportunity to enhance their academic achievement by providing unique experiences that complements their coursework.  Along with this faculty get to teach in a new way making their location their classroom.

Spring and Summer courses are open with over 34 different locations available for students to earn WKU credit.  New programs include courses in Spain, Italy, South Korea, Florida, and New Mexico.

For more information, visit or the Office of Study Away at 270-745-4512.

Study Away is a unit of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach.

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