Academic Outreach welcomes 3 new team members

ara_sprouse  Ara Sprouse joins DELO as the Dual Credit Program Specialist.  Her primary responsibilities will be student registration and communication processes.  Ara holds a B.S. in Marketing (WKU, ’06). She brings 13 years of professional experience to the position including eight years at WKU in administration.  Dewayne Neeley, Program Manager, and Brittney Jones, Program Coordinator, are thrilled to have Ara on board as they work to meet the needs of a growing number of students taking an expanding menu of course options with WKU Dual Credit.

sharon_leone  Sharon Leone began her position in Academic Outreach as a Student Support Specialist in December.  Sharon will be working with students in Cohort Programs, Summer Sessions and Winter Term.  She replaces Adam Davis who left for a promotion opportunity at the University of Arkansas.  Sharon graduated Summa Cum Laude from WKU in 2014  with a B.A. in Sociology.  Her professional experience includes work with the Governor’s Scholars Program and Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

beth dillon2  Beth Dillon started in mid-January as the Academic Outreach Office Associate.  She replaces Suzanne Thomas who accepted a new position in KRS supporting the Graduate Cohort Programs in Recreation & Sport Administration. Beth earned her Organizational Communications and a minor in Business Administration from Cedarville College in Ohio.  Prior to this position, she served in DELO’s Continuing and Professional Development unit as a part-time employee.

This is an exciting time in Academic Outreach with a number of new projects in development. With these new team members, we are looking forward to increasing our level of service and support to students and academic units at WKU.

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Student Government Association Study Away Scholarship

wku study awayStudent Government Association Study Away Scholarship

For WKU students in Study Away courses for Summer 2016.

No passport Required. Limited time offer!

Apply today… 

Thank you SGA.

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Tawain Winter 2016 Study Abroad course

flsa-delo-logo150See for a story on the recent Faculty-Led Study Abroad course in Taiwan. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This really shows that WKU faculty are the best teachers in the world and their classes can change the lives of many students.

Toppers Tour around the World: Taiwan

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WKU Students at Sundance

wku study awayFor the third year in a row, WKU study away students are in Utah at the world-renown Sundance Film Festival.

Our snowy campus looks more wintry than Park City, Utah, so good to be away today.


view park city utah by patera cook

Check them out on Facebook… 

More about Sundance…

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How much do you REALLY know about WKU On Demand?

#tbt pictures
How much do you really know about WKU On Demand?  From the time that WKU began offering these self-paced courses nearly 96 years ago, our courses have gone by several different names: “Extension” courses, “Correspondence” courses, “Independent Learning” courses, and most recently “On Demand” courses.

WKU is the only four year institution in the state of Kentucky that continues to offer self-paced, non-semester based courses. On Demand classes are for-credit courses, taught by WKU instructors. They are open to all WKU students: traditional on-campus students, post-traditional students, regional campus students, Distance Learning students, and even non-degree seeking students. Because the classes are not semester-based and because they are self-paced, students can register for a class any day of the year, complete a class in as little as 6 or 7 weeks, or they may take up to 9 months to complete the class.Welcome Back WKU 2 034

Students must pay for their On Demand classes at the time of registration. Tuition for On Demand classes is the same as in-state, face-to-face classes, and a Distance Learning fee is not charged. Students may use their Financial Aid to pay for On Demand classes, and some scholarships will cover the cost of On Demand classes. WKU employees may use their Tuition Waiver benefit at any time to pay for On Demand classes, so they aren’t limited to specific registration periods.

There are over 120 undergraduate courses and 22 graduate level courses currently offered through On Demand in subjects ranging from Art, Spanish, Business, and African American studies to Math, History, Psychology, and Sociology. Many of our courses satisfy general education requirements. Welcome back WKU 036

Self-paced “On Demand” courses have provided many students with educational opportunities that would have otherwise been out of their reach. Self-paced learning provides the best and most feasible alternative for students who are balancing work, family, rent, and/or mortgages as well as a host of other personal obligations. Many of our students are adult nontraditional learners and they are generally paying their own way; they are, more often than not, working full-time and caring for others, leaving little time to spare. Military students, student athletes, and students participating in Study Abroad also benefit from the flexibility of WKU On Demand’s courses. Self-paced distance learning is often their only option for advancement. “I love that I can continue my education while on deployment with WKU’s On Demand program,” stated student Daniel Collins, Jr.

The students enrolled in self-paced courses had proven themselves, according to the Board of Regents report on April 2, 1926. “These classes of students are made up of those who are ambitious and persevering. They have fully appreciated the advantages offered and the services extended.”

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WKU Abroad in New Zealand and more

flsa-delo-logo150Faculty-Led study abroad courses active in Costa Rica, France, New Zealand, South Africa and Taiwan.

Learn more…


WKU students in Hobbiton

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Study Away winter programs


engineering students in Southwest US

hawaii sunset

Hawaiian sunset

Study Away courses are active in New York, the American Southwest, and Hawaii.  Students head to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter — @wkustudyaway and #wkustudyaway.

Learn about studyaway.


wku study away

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SGA awards scholarships to six Study Away students

wku study awayThe Student Government Association at WKU has awarded scholarships to six WKU students taking courses WKU Study Away courses during Winter Term 2016.

Read more…

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“Introduction to Professional Nursing” takes off as an On Demand course

lorraine_bormannWhen Dr. Lorraine Bormann was looking for the best way to offer NURS 102 (Introduction to Professional Nursing) to her pre-nursing transfer students, she chose WKU On Demand’s flexible, self-paced format.  Dr. Bormann was already comfortable with teaching in an online format because Anne Honaker, Wren Mills, and Distance Learning’s Instructional Design team, through their summer boot camp and faculty development workshops, had given her the tools that she needed. For the past few years, she has supplemented all of her face-to-face classes with an online component.

Nursing 102 is a required class for the BSN pre-licensure program.  Dr. Bormann opted for the On Demand platform because it would most effectively meet the needs of her transfer students.

Dr. Bormann credits Distance Learning’s Alicia Pennington and the Instructional Design team with helping her create a clean, streamlined design for her On Demand class.  “If something wasn’t needed, it’s gone from the design. I used to include a lot of supplemental material on my Blackboard sites. The clutter was diluting the effectiveness. The modules are now set up in a more linear way for the student. Anything that is on the Blackboard site is essential for the course.” says Bormann.

Alicia Pennington explained that the DL Instructional Design team encourages a faculty member who is developing an online class to start out by just discussing his or her goals for the class. The Instructional Design team is able to come at the subject with fresh eyes and sees the course from a student’s perspective.

Dr. Bormann is committed to providing the best learning experience for her distance students, and she strives to be approachable and foster an interactive faculty/student community. She feels that an instructor’s good relationship with her students is a key part of their success, especially in the challenging Nursing curriculum.

Nursing 102 is an ‘Explorations’ level course in the Colonnade program and Dr. Bormann believes that in the future, even non-nursing majors could benefit from taking the class and learning more about the healthcare industry, since this is a subject that is relevant to everyone.

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CCSA awards Storyteller Scholarships to 7 students

CCSA-logo-FINAL-1000The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), a nonprofit consortium that develops, plans and coordinates study abroad programs in predominantly English-speaking countries, has awarded Storyteller Scholarships to seven college students throughout the United States.

Read more…

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